For Sale

Due to life circumstances and changes here on the farm, I am selling my NASSA registered Shetland ewes. We have added meat sheep (Katahdin and Dorper hair sheep) to our farm, and I need to be able to mob graze all of them together without fear of the Katahdin ram getting the Shetlands pregnant. These ewes have been on grass and hay, with some sweet feed as an occasional treat.

These pictures (from early April 2019) show them in full fleece. I will be shearing them before they go to their new home. Their last CD/T shot was 15 May 2019.

I have the eartags for all of them, but until now, it was not a priority to tag them. They will be tagged before leaving the farm.

All pertinent details that I can think of are listed here, but I may have forgotten something. If I remember, I will add it to the description. I have not done micron testing for their wool.

These have been good ewes for me – easy keepers, and thrifty. I did not breed them last fall (they were bred in 2016 and 2017), and their previous offspring and pedigree can be found on the NASSA website. 

If you have questions, please ask. All sales are final. You will receive their registration papers at the time of pickup for transferring the registration to your name.

I am located in southwest Ohio near Pleasant Hill, zip 45359.

I will also trade for wethers, or weaned ram lambs that can be wethered. Let’s talk!



Left to right – Innisfree Jadzia, Narrowgate Ruby, Narrowgate Lily.

Jadzia was born 22 April 2017 from Narrowgate Ruby and Narrowgate Sven. She is true black, although she has some sun bleaching on her fleece this year – her lamb fleece was all black. She was a twin with Ezri (pictured below).

Ruby and Lily were my first two ewes, along with the ram Sven. Ruby was born 16 March 2015. Lily was born 11 March 2012. Ruby was registered grey katmoget, Lily as fawn. They have both been very good mothers.

RESERVED Jadzia – $250
RESERVED Ruby – $200 

(AVAILABLE) Lily – $200

Another view of Narrowgate Lily. She has very crimpy fleece behind her head, and the rest is more wavy.
From the left – Innisfree Ezri, Innisfree Kira, photobomb by Jadzia’s rear end…

Ezri was born 22 April 2017 and is Jadzia’s twin from Sven and Ruby. She is registered Ag grey (born black with sugarlips and frosted ears). She was accidentally bred in fall 2017 and had a ram lamb who was wethered. Good mothering skills.

(AVAILABLE) Ezri- $250 

SOLD Kira – $250 

Family photo, left to right – Osgood, Ruby, Ezri, Kira, Jadzia, Missy.